Alastair storey

Chairman and ceo, westbury street holdiNgs

“I have known Diego Masciaga for many years and have always been deeply inspired by his commitment to excellent service. I was thrilled when he agreed to help our company BaxterStorey with training, development and consultancy. He is a key contributor and mentor on the BaxterStorey Service Academy and his impact on our business over the last twelve months has been immense particularly with some of our major customers. 

Diego has also been a huge supporter of The Gold Service Scholarship and his influence on young people in our industry has been profound. 

I consider it an honour and privilege to work with someone of Diego’s calibre and not only that he is a lovely person.”



“Having known Diego from his time at the Waterside Inn and having witnessed first-hand his mastery of the art of hospitality, I had no doubt having him on board would be invaluable to Hurley House.

With his personable character and vast knowledge, he was quick to gain the staff’s full engagement and respect. His training methods and approach were very effective and the results immediate and remarkable.

As a consultant, his advice was pertinent and tailormade to our clientele and our brand vision. Our cooperation with Diego is ongoing and will continue for some time, no doubt.”


Chief operating officer, the arts club

“Having known Diego since our arrival in the UK in June 1983 for our first English experience working side by side at Le Gavroche, our friendship has not stopped ever since. Both of us are passionate about the industry and so dedicated to deliver a service that is second to none.

Diego concentrated on 3 Michelin starred Waterside Inn restaurant whilst I developed with the likes of The Dorchester Hotel, Conran Restaurants, Sofitel St James Hotel, Corbin and King and now The Arts Club.

After 35 years, I have now invited Diego to join The Arts Club as our Service Ambassador as our Club is further developing in many ways and indeed we are on the cusp of international expansion.

Diego has a wealth of experience and he is able as our Consultant to read every situation straight away, to deliver the extra details in Member recognition and to provide the guidance that our younger staff sometimes needs. To be able to pass over this passion to our staff is so valuable; Diego is a superb example and a true ambassador.”